Strategic Planning


Customer Segmentation

Whether you practice customer segmentation today, or are moving toward that vision, VANIR CONSULTING can provide you with the experience you need to improve and refine current plans. We offer consulting services in the following areas:

  • Customer value resource allocation, improve service levels for your top customers while maintaining your current costs.
  • 800 number network that supports your segmentation model.
  • Technology solutions – IVR.
  • Using your customer service channel as a revenue source.
  • Utilizing your telephony invoices to identify highest market returns on advertising.
Offshore Opportunities

Whether you are expanding to a global presence, or looking for opportunities to reduce operating expense through low cost country workload shift, VANIR CONSULTING can facilitate your decision process. VANIR CONSULTING will enable you to:

  • Understand what North America geographic areas and/or countries provide low cost opportunities with the appropriate skilled labor force.
  • Be aware of labor laws or “works councils” and how they can impact your operation.
  • Understand what incentives are available from foreign investment agencies.
  • Identify “pilot” opportunities utilizing outsourcers to minimize investment.
Virtual Contact Center

As a senior executive you may have been told that you should “connect” multiple contact center sites and create a “Virtual Contact Center”. This will have real implications on capital expenditure, organizational structure, reporting and analysis of performance, human resource management, operating costs, and customer satisfaction. VANIR CONSULTING has practical, hands on experience in the creation of “Virtual Contact Centers” for Fortune 500 companies and can bring that experience, knowledge, and structure to guide you to the best options available