Operation Improvement

Operation Improvement

Center Management Consulting

Contact centers require a very distinct management discipline. It is a discipline that demands minute to minute management of work loads, their arrival rates, and human resource. Contact center management discipline requires and stresses a multitude of coordinated activities. VANIR CONSULTING will develop with your management team a method of managing your work load and agents that will enable them to maximize center performance. The management system (not a software system but real people management) will move your management team to the next level of improvement. It will impact all levels of management, from the front line supervisor to the senior management team.

Process Improvement

Process improvements begin with mapping all processes that impact your customer’s experience and/or impact your contact center’s efficiency. Depending on your current model your customers may experience automation which you’ve implemented in the form of IVRs or internet technology. Often, these processes were instituted prior to new technology, products, and customer information systems. These old processes require new analysis to ensure they meet your business demands and do not inhibit you from providing your customers with superior support. Our proven method will:

  • Create an inventory of these processes.
  • Diagram each process with the detailed knowledge required for improvement.
  • Perform real time observations of all processes.
  • Identify which processes are implemented as they were intended.
  • Reveal which processes inhibit your customer and company from reaching their objectives.
  • Recommend process changes based on process objectives and their impact on customer satisfaction and company efficiency.
Cost Containment

Cost containment is an ongoing challenge for contact centers especially as it pertains to tenured human resource or growing workloads and the apparent need to increase your workforce. Cost containment of these issues can be achieved through productivity improvements at the representative level. However, identifying productivity improvements in contact centers can be difficult.VANIR CONSULTING,s experience in contact center management will identify where and how you can improve your productivity and thus contain your costs. Whether it is improving your center’s call handling time, calls handled by agent per hour, or managing your agents to achieve peak productivity, VANIR CONSULTING will help. The achievement of increased productivity is accomplished with complete buy in by the agents and management.

Cost containment can also be achieved by focusing on the workload drivers. In some cases companies inadvertently drive customers to contact your company when the real objective should be call “avoidance”. VANIR CONSULTING will assist you in identifying opportunities for workload reduction.