Interim and Vendor Management Program

Interim and Vendor Management Program

Short Term Executive Center Management

The Short Term Executive Management Program is designed to provide senior executives with an interim site leader when the need occurs. Whether you are developing a new strategy which will not require a long term executive position, or have a short term requirement to manage your centers, VANIR CONSULTING can meet your demands. Our on hands experience managing centers will ensure that your business continues to operate successfully . Our ability to manage centers can provide assistance with:

  • Ongoing improvements.
  • Personnel assessment.
  • Assistance with strategic direction.
  • Contact center expertise to assist in setting operations direction.
Vendor Management for Continuous Improvement

Outsourcing your contact center operations still requires that you demand continuous improvement from your vendor. VANIR CONSULTING’s experience in managing contact centers will enable you to achieve these continuous improvement goals. Our vendor management program is adapted to the level of over sight required to ensure your quality, service and sales objectives are met.

The Vendor Management Program consists of:
  • Periodic on site vendor audits – Scheduled to meet your demands
  • Overall Performance to contract.
  • Quality monitoring of representatives.
  • Service level reviews.
  • Identification of process improvements.
  • Ensure linkages exist between your company, the vendor and it’s representatives.
  • Identify opportunities to improve communication of marketing or service messages between your company and the vendor.
Startup Organization Management Program

The Startup Organization Management Program is designed for those companies who are embarking on a new strategy or direction that has a requirement to create, develop and implement a new contact center organization. VANIR CONSULTING can assist you with a multitude of contact center operations which are new to your company. Our experience includes:

  • Virtual Contact Center or Enterprise Center Management.
  • Quality Organizations.
  • Customer Retention.
  • Customer Service centers utilized as revenue generators.
  • Centralized disaster recovery and management.